Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy

The Sant'Anna School is an autonomous, special-status public university specializing in the applied sciences: Economics, Law and Political Science within its Social Sciences Faculty; Agricultural Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering within its Experimental Sciences Faculty. The fundamental goals of the Sant'Anna School are to pursue top-level scientific and technological research, and top-quality undergraduate, graduate and continuing education. The School places a lot of emphasis on inter-disciplinarity and on the internationalization of all its activities. Research activities are coordinated by a "Research Division" which manages and supervises the autonomous research activities performed by the several research laboratories and research centres operating within the School. "Laboratories" develop research of particular relevance in the Social and Experimental Sciences fields, encourage collaboration between the Sant'Anna School and external – national and international - researchers and institutions. Each Laboratory has its own facilities. Finally, research "Centres'" are focused on relatively specific lines of research, often marked by close interdisciplinary links.


Laboratory of Economics and Management