WP 5 Final Policy Report

Claude Dupuy
Work package: 
WP 5
Publication number: 
01 February 2012

Abstract: WP 5 was focused on the relationship between innovation and corporate governance practices of European firms. The crisis calls into question the liquidity of stock markets, the investment behaviour of institutional investors and distribution of shareholder value within the context of the role of finance in the processes of resource allocation and value creation. In this context, the GREThA-led team mainly carried out industry studies with different levels to examine the impact of financial schemes on corporate practices related to innovation and stable and equitable economic growth. Various levels of analysis aimed at revealing the varied role of financial mechanisms in investment and growth strategies of firms of different sizes. The research team approached the issue both from the industry side and finance/investors side. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries constituted the major context of the industry-level analysis of WP 5 with respect to the competences of the research team.

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